It all started with Brit Hume sharing this piece about Devin Nunes …

From The Federalist:

Another example of Nunes’ supposed conspiracy-mongering was also dramatically false. Zengerle wrote that Nunes “began his political career, appropriately enough, because he believed he had uncovered a sinister plot.” He was “utterly convinced that his alma mater was secretly planning to close its campus farm.” The College of the Sequoias announced it was selling 160 acres on which its campus farm sat, and Nunes decided to run for the school’s board of trustees to save the farm.

She continued:

There is just one problem: Zengerle’s story was wrong and he deliberately omitted key facts that upend it. I spoke with Zumwalt, who said Zengerle and The New York Times “did a good job of being accurate without being truthful.” He said the Times called him three times and by the second call, he could see what they were after.

Side note, this editor seriously thinks the world of Mollie Hemingway.

Seems Brit sharing this story triggered a whole lotta stupid:

Umm … Joe?


Ok, so Devin is a unique name (sorta?) but c’mon man. If you’re going to talk smack at least know who you’re talking smack about. It’s sort of like when someone on Twitter says ‘your stupid,’ not even knowing the difference between your and you’re.

Ugh, writing that incorrectly was actually painful for this editor.

Ha! We see what he did here.

Fair point.




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