As Twitchy readers know, many people in the media were unhappy with the White House Correspondent’s Dinner over the weekend, mainly due to the fact that Michelle Wolf’s performance was disgustingly gross and hateful. And it sounds like Jim Acosta also took issue with the dinner, but not for the reason you think:

Ok, so Jim is upset that they didn’t focus enough on how heroic the media is for covering Trump, is that it?

Reading this right?

Because man, that’s really self-centered and quite frankly infuriating.

Eventually, Jim is going to have to figure out, ‘But Trump,’ is never a good look for him or anyone in the media.

But until then, we’ll keep making fun of him.

Poor Jim.



We don’t disagree.

What is this thing you call ‘real journalism’?


What he said.

But how dare people question the media?!

Oh ouch, we just rolled our eyes so far back in our heads we may have hurt ourselves.

Someone get this guy a tissue.


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