Rosie took the WHCA’s statement basically apologizing for Michelle Wolf’s repugnant standup at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner and stating it conflicted with their message really well.

OK, so not exactly.


Rosie really should consider writing greeting cards, she has such a way with words.

Surely they have a section in stores for cards written by angry, irrelevant, has-beens who lose their marbles at the mere mention of Donald Trump and support other mean girls when they bully and harass women they disagree with politically.

Too specific?

Good GRAVY, did she really make Wolf her cover photo?

Well, luckily for Rosie, most of her followers are as unhinged as she is, check out the responses on her tweet:

Poor Michelle.



Perhaps they’re more bothered with her attacks on a woman’s personal appearance and joking about knocking a baby out of the womb during an abortion? Call us crazy but we’re pretty sure that’s what they were bothered about, not ‘the truth.’

Trump could find a cure for cancer and these people would find a way to complain about him putting oncologists out of work.

And they wonder why they keep losing elections.


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