Admit it, after the last week including Joy Reid’s apology that really wasn’t an apology about homophobic blog posts and Michelle Wolf being a disgusting harpy at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, you knew Sean Spicier’s timeline would be LIT AF.

And boy howdy, is it EVER.

Enjoy. 😉

Awww, she’s obviously a big fan, Sean.

Hey, back off rabbits, man.

And OMG Shirley MacLaine … HA HA HA HA HAAA!

Is that the past tense of that word?


Too soon? Man, these whacky kids with their hashtags.

Sean’s Joy Reid tweet seems to have really gotten the attention of blue-checks …

And there was this REALLY BIG FISH:

Wow, Touré … dude. He even wrote Sean’s whole name out IN the tweet, so the fact that he missed that this is a parody account is even funnier.

And yet so far.


Too good.

As usual.


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