True story, when this editor was chit-chatting with a fellow Twitchy editor about trying to find something to write about she told him to watch Tariq Nasheed’s feed after the Cosby verdict was announced because it was bound to be seriously lit … and boy howdy, was she RIGHT.

Check out this noise.

Yes, it was white supremacy that caused Bill Cosby to be found guilty.


And wait, what is this code thing? Anyone? Sounds like it’s super important to know about this code, is it in some handbook somewhere? Asking for a friend.

Aaaaand *dead*.

And damn, that is some serious WOKENESS.

The wokest of the WOKE.

Being that woke could indeed prove painful, fair.

You TOO can be this woke if only you believe hard enough that everything is that fault of white supremacy, grasshopper.

Words of wisdom for the ages.


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