Many people live with depression and anxiety, every day. And for years, society in general sort of ignored our issues with mental illness, which ultimately only served to make it worse … it was only after we opened up and started talking about it did we all suddenly realize people with mental illness aren’t broken.

They’re human.

Popehat’s thread raising awareness about depression and anxiety is just really damn good.

Read it, trust us.

So grateful to Popehat for his honesty here.

Don’t be surrounded by a*sholes.

You are worth it.

Personal note – typically we editors here at Twitchy don’t write in the first person but eh, sometimes rules are meant to be broken. I have lived with anxiety since I was in grade school (I will be 45 in June), and depression has always been a flittering side issue rearing its annoying head here and there. Popehat is right though, the only way any of us can get through this and live happier lives is by accepting we can’t and shouldn’t try to face it alone.

It’s ok to get help.

And it doesn’t have to be a professional. It could come be a trusted friend, family member, or even some stranger on Twitter.

You’ll find people care and will listen.

Like me. I care, and I will always listen.



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