What a WEEK for Kanye West.

Seriously, think about it. Kanye sending accolades to Candace Owens and ultimately even taking photos of himself in a MAGA hat really had people talking about ideas and beliefs for a change instead of constant, divisive, political posturing. It was an unexpected ‘coming out’ of sorts that literally dropped gasoline on the fire that is social media.

Kanye had one really interesting tweet about the entire ‘event’:


He’s right.

And as to whether or not Kanye sees himself as a conservative?

Research. Fair.

Someone get him a copy of the Constitution, STAT. That’s all the research he’ll need.

Ok, so maybe there are some finer points of conservatism that Kanye should consider:


Lower taxes are good for people of all color but not an unfair point.


Let’s hear it for the post office!

Oh, wait.

We trust the government to a point, but not with our healthcare and basic needs in life. Otherwise, a fairly decent tweet thread on conservatism …

Plus conservatives have way better cookies, just sayin’.


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