Trump winning the election broke a lot of people.

On both sides of the aisle.

And while some of us have looked at Trump’s presidency as something we may not be thrilled about but it’s reality so we have to try and make it work, others would rather watch the world burn just to spite the man. Seriously, if your Trump Derangement Syndrome is SO out of control that you would use Alfie Evans to dunk on Trump and the Right it might be time to put the Twitter down.

Case in point:


But Trump!

That’s the real kicker with this horrible story. If Alfie is terminal anyway WHY imprison him at the hospital that doesn’t care if he lives or dies? It all seems incredibly and needlessly cruel.

Americans are honestly very generous in this regard, yes.

Well, some of us.

Look at this dumpster fire:

Someone’s trolling.

But Russia.

Or something.

Someone get this guy a mirror, stat.

He’s breathing on his own, so he’s not braindead.

But hey, you be you.

What he REALLY means is he’s so angry with the Right that he would use a dying child to troll and harass people.

At least that’s how our ‘Troll to English Dictionary’ translates this hot mess.


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