Earlier today, Twitchy reported that a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School teacher allegedly told a class that Kyle Kashuv is an ass, the next Hitler and that something should be done about him.

This afternoon, news broke that school leaders from Broward County Public Schools will be looking into the incident:

Ruh-roh, Raggy.

Kyle responded:

Fascinating that this teacher was in school today even after all of this attention STILL going on about Kyle and complaining that he had been taken out of context. And by fascinating we mean warped, twisted and totally bizarre.

Seriously, what grown man thinks it’s ok to compare a kid to Hitler in a classroom?

At least.

If nothing else he should be told he cannot under any terms or circumstances talk about or to Kyle while on school grounds.

Fair point.

Hopefully the latter.

And here we thought these kids were off limits.

Guess just the ones the Left agrees with are, right Greg?

He should know better, exactly.

You’d think a History teacher would know that.

And speaking of the teacher, here is he being interviewed by Andrea Mitchell after the shooting:


Somebody’s looking for attention … wonder if he’s enjoying it.


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