As scolds all across social media tweet-shame people around the world for driving, eating, farting and breathing (seriously), it seems far too many of these same people have forgotten what the founder of #EarthDay actually did … and his level of dedication to the effort.

Luckily Jim Treacher was front and center to remind everyone because he’s a giver:

Aww, that’s right.

Good ol’ Ira killed his girlfriend because her very existence was killing the planet or something and then he composted her remains because that’s not crazy or anything. And some Americans still celebrate the holiday that he created … think about that for a minute.

We’re pretty sure most people know, they just pretend they don’t by ignoring this grisly fact about their cherished day of shaming others for not recycling all of their pop cans.

Hrm, did Ira walk to Europe? Because surely he wouldn’t want to increase his carbon footprint by taking an evil plane, train or automobile, right?

Something like that.

Look, if you recycle and care about this planet because you DO, that’s great. But this annual b*tchfest from people who track others down in parking lots to complain at them about their SUV … we’re over it.

Wanna see what we’re talking about? Check out the reactions to Pruitt just wishing people a Happy #EarthDay:

Don’t these people know they’re making Mother Earth cry?!



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