If you’ve read through Comey’s memos you’ll notice he talks a good deal about nothing much. Sure, there are some tidbits that sparked this editor’s interest but for the most part, the memos read like some sort of lame companion to his lamer book.

But The Federalist’s Sean Davis noticed something very telling in the memos:


If you managed not to do an all-over gross-out body shiver you are tougher than we are.

Comey must be incredibly insecure to spend so much time writing about how much people like him.

Sorry, LOVE him.


Dear Diary,
Today I had lunch with Trump, and while we were eating the waiter told me he liked my new tie. Then he said he loved how I eat bread.


Saw something in passing yesterday about how Comey loved Obama’s sense of humor?

Absolutely hard hitting.


Nailed it!


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