DNC Vice Chair Rep. Keith Ellison wants you all to know that women are dying because Democrats are losing elections. So basically is Ellison saying the GOP winning elections is killing women?

We just made that face you make when you see the great uncle at your family reunion who no one talks to because he claims he used to work for Area 51 and that he still talks to the alien friends he made there.


He was talking about maternal survival rates … ironic ain’t it? Hearing a progressive pretend to give a damn about life?

Ellison also said Democrats don’t have a right to ‘lose a damn election.’

Dude is WHACK.

The people clapping and shouting, ‘Yes!’ as he babbled about the GOP basically killing women? Yeah, they’re nuts too.

No no, it was the tax cuts that killed us all.


Many people believe that all the Democrats have to do at this point to win midterms is to not be crazy … and they can’t even do that.

Thank God.


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