Last year, Ronan Farrow broke the Harvey Weinstein story WIDE OPEN, and hundreds of house plants all across the country cheered. Actually, he shone a light on the absolute ugliness of sexual harassment and abuse in Hollywood that has been going on for decades, and we quickly learned Weinstein was just the tip of the perverted iceberg.

This time Farrow is covering a story about Trump and the National Enquirer …

No one is overly surprised that the National Enquirer may have been protecting Trump, they were more than happy to push BS stories about Ted Cruz cheating on his wife and other crazy accusations.

He goes on:

It gets more interesting.

And not just with Trump.

But this opens up another fascinating point:

It’s tied to Cohen.

And they just raided his office.


But HERE’S where it gets REALLY interesting:

Why would Lanny Davis, a confidant of Hillary Clinton, help protect Donald Trump? Interesting as well that he did similar work on behalf of Harvey Weinstein.

Wait while we adjust our tinfoil hat a little …

So from what we gather, the National Enquirer paid a doorman to keep his mouth shut, and when the AP got too close to the story, their parent company hired a high-powered team including a Hillary Clinton confidant to make it go away.

As you can imagine, Hillary’s fans aren’t too pleased with Farrow bringing up this connection.

Hey, great job digging up dirt on Trump but don’t be mean to Hillary.


Ya’ don’t say?


Someone has personal issues here, and it’s not Farrow.

And can we say just WOW here? Who needs reality TV when we can look back on the 2016 election and the chaos that has followed?


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