Even as Mark Zuckerberg gets ‘questioned’ by Congress about how Russia supposedly used his site to manipulate the election (though we know the Democrats did this for Obama, they bragged about it), and Jack pretends they’re working to make Twitter a better place, more and more Conservative voices are being silenced behind magical algorithms in social media.

Like Diamond and Silk, whose page was suddenly deemed unsafe to the Facebook community, and countless others on Twitter who lose their accounts with the dreaded ‘hateful conduct’ reasoning which doesn’t really explain what the person actually did to lose their account.

Not that this editor speaks from experience … ahem.

Anyway, Dan Bongino just nailed it:



We shouldn’t be, but it’s happening more and more frequently.

The new Twitter TOS does seem to be wrecking havoc with Conservatives, it appears there are certain words that automatically get you locked down or even suspended. Of course, Twitter doesn’t bother to share what those words are so it’s a total crapshoot …

It’s certainly starting to feel that way.


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