Maybe Kamala Harris missed it, but the only one who made a promise they couldn’t keep to illegal immigrants living in this country was Obama when he passed DACA via executive order instead of going through Congress for real and true immigration reform.

To pretend America as a country made such a promise is disingenuous at best … and Kamala knows it.

That doesn’t mean she won’t pretend otherwise though.

About that …


Simple and to the point.

No, we aren’t breaking any promise America made. We’re having to deal with another mess Obama left because he couldn’t be bothered to go about things the right way. If he had gone through Congress with actual reform it would be far more difficult to just overturn such actions. But since he just signed an EO, easily discarded.

Stop blaming the Right because Obama did this wrong.

Not to mention that Democrats turned down Trump’s compromise on DACA because it didn’t include their families, neighbors, barbers, and their third-cousins twice removed. This has never really been about immigration for the Left, it’s more about how they can use these people as a means to campaign and take jabs at Trump and the Right. Otherwise, they would have taken a deal that made nearly 2 million DACA recipients legal citizens.

And as we all know, the truth hurts, especially when you’re a Democrat.


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