When the Left complains that the Right won’t work with them to achieve ‘common sense gun control’ we always want to point to people like Senator Bill Nelson out of Florida for seemingly being deliberate in sharing misinformation about firearms.

Take this tweet for example:

Hrm. Is that so?

Apparently, Nelson is full of it.

And it sounds like it’s not the first time he has knowingly spread false information to push his anti-gun narrative.

From the Miami Herald:

… on Monday, Miami police said handguns, not assault-style weapons, were used in the shooting.

The shooting, on the eve of Gov. Rick Scott’s U.S. Senate announcement, became a political flashpoint in South Florida.

State Rep. Shevrin Jones, D-West Park, took a shot at the governor, asking “before you make your big ‘announcement’ tomorrow, who’s going to show up for our community?” Student activists from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School tweeted information about the shooting to hundreds of thousands of followers.

Nelson’s mistaken announcement that the Liberty City shooter used an assault weapon is tinged with politics. Nelson has constantly advocated for a ban on assault-style weapons like the AR-15 rifle used in the Parkland shooting, while Scott does not support an assault weapons ban.

Once is a mistake. Twice is a pattern.

Notice in the story from the Miami Herald they mention Nelson has been advocating for a ban on assault-style weapons, surely he wasn’t deliberately misleading his constituents to garner their favor in support of his ban?

That was a rhetorical question, of course he was.



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