Brian Stelter is obsessed with Fox News.

And in other news, water is wet.

Yes, Brian, we know about the boycott.

Your gloating is so noted.

From CNN:

Laura Ingraham is returning to Fox News on Monday night — but some of her advertisers are not.

The 10-day-old ad boycott effort against Ingraham, led by student activist David Hogg, means that her show will have noticeably fewer ads than other Fox talk shows.

While the exact impact is not known, a Fox source confirmed that some of the network’s regular advertisers are continuing to avoid “The Ingraham Angle.” The result is lighter ad loads during her hour.

He wrote an entire article about this … really?

Imagine the amount of work he might get done if he focused less on Fox News and more on his own network.

We might start taking them a bit more seriously.

Yeah, a guy whose career depends on the First Amendment sure seems happy to see someone else in his field struggling.

Someone seems defensive.




Oopsie again. HA!

Thanks, Captain Obvious!

Editor’s note: This editor has never watched Laura’s show tonight, but will be tuning in for the first time JUST BECAUSE Brian wrote this. 


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