If you were on or even anywhere NEAR Twitter this past Friday, you couldn’t help but see a fairly nasty and heated ‘debate’ going on between Jimmy Kimmel and Sean Hannity. In his apology (that reads a lot like a non-apology to us, but whatevs), Jimmy seems very concerned that he may have upset the gay community with his nasty barbs at Hannity by insinuating he was gay for defending Trump and Trump’s wife.

We’re guessing he’s more concerned about the damage he may have done to his ratings than he is for the ugliness he spewed across the Twittersphere:

Hrm, seems like a whole lotta something about nothing. And we’re still looking for the words, ‘I’m sorry,’ in this statement.

Especially to Sean Hannity?

Saying, ‘I apologize’ is how someone who doesn’t want to say they’re sorry says they’re sorry.

Not to mention the lame dig at Hannity at the end.

Conservatives really didn’t watch much to begin with, but plenty of people in the gay community who found his tweets offensive and hateful do and they might change the channel. That’s what this was really about.

Jimmy showed us his true colors and now he’s trying to backpedal.

Oh yeah, that too. When does he apologize to the First Lady for the cheap shots he made at her?

When even people who dislike Hannity are calling Jimmy out?

Yeah, nice non-apology.

And NOT in a good way.

So far, Hannity has not responded but we will keep an eye out and update when we can. Until then *popcorn*.


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