Kurt Eichenwald really loves to get on his soapbox and pretend he’s somehow the authority on many things … even tentacles.

That joke will NEVER get old, FYI.

So of course, when the social media mob came after Laura Ingraham yesterday for repeating David Hogg’s own words about himself, Kurt couldn’t wait to open his big mouth and spew a bunch of nonsense claiming pundits haven’t quoted the Parkland students …

Not once on his FEED, oh well that makes sense since he has 99.9% of the Conservative world blocked. But we can assure him plenty of pundits have used their full quotes, especially Hogg’s. He’s just so quotable.

This was Kurt’s attempt at shaming the right for ‘harassing’ these kids.

Which is exactly what Kurt did to Kyle Kashuv:

So it’s ok to call Kyle ‘typical nonsense’ and accuse him of slinging insults and pushing conspiracy theories but the GOP is bad for calling Hogg out.

For calling them sick f*ckers.


Kyle replied:

Don’t try and understand Kurt’s reasoning, it will only cause you pain.

From the mouths of babes, hey Kurt?

FYI, Kurt was too cowardly to ever directly answer Kyle, which tells us just how weak his original argument really was. Instead, he went on rambling about Conservative pundits …

Blah blah blah blah BLAH.

See what we mean?


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