Only a Leftist like Kathy Griffin would be angry that people can’t be ‘counted’ by the Census based on their sexual identity. According to this OLD article, they will still be COUNTED as people, just not dumped in a convenient bucket that keeps the country from seeing them as individuals.

You’d think a group so focused on equality would know special is never equal.

Why should the census care who you love?

From NBC News:

The U.S. Census Bureau, which is part of the Department of Commerce, is required to issue a list of categories it plans to track three years before the survey is conducted. Tuesday’s list showed categories ranging from race and gender to the type of plumbing in homes and the length of a person’s daily commute to work. Each category is followed by a table showing the federal agencies that rely on the data to make decisions about law enforcement, health care, equal employment opportunities and more.

No previous U.S. Census has ever included LGBTQ Americans, which makes it challenging for federal agencies and researchers to accurately track the size, demographics and needs of the community. In addition, the more detailed American Community Survey also leaves out LGBTQ categories. Tuesday’s initial release from the Census Bureau proposed including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people on both surveys.

Imagine being outraged because the government won’t classify and label you appropriately.

Not to mention the story is a year old … here is the latest info on the census and take note, they are asking about same-sex marriages.

In the meantime, gay Conservatives weren’t having any of it:


It was after Chad tweeted her that she deleted the tweet.




Right? If you hate Trump why on Earth would you want him to know who you are based on your sexual identity?

We don’t get it …

But anything to feel jilted or slighted, right?



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