And we thought Tom Arnold was nutty …

Michael Rapaport posted a video of himself ranting like a raving lunatic about Laura Ingraham. The video itself is creepy enough, but knowing Rapaport has a history of allegedly harassing and stalking Ingraham (he was previously suspended from Twitter for harassing Ingraham once before) makes this even creepier.

That and he looks a little like a puffy villain from a made-for-TV movie about how the 90’s went horribly wrong.




It bothered this editor to actually watch it.

That makes it better?

Alrighty then.

Yikes, right?

Color us shocked he’s attacked other Conservative women – and he seems like such a well-balanced and rational person.


He’s desperate for relevance and a platform, which would be incredibly sad if it wasn’t so freakin’ creepy.


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