You’d think these people would learn that picking a fight with Dana Loesch is never a good idea but oh no, they just keep on keepin’ on in their neverending plight to somehow shut her up.

Good luck with that, troglodytes.

Take, for instance, Mitch O’Farrell who appears to sit on the City Council for Los Angeles, CA. Whatever possessed Mitch to take a tweet-swing at Dana Loesch we’ll never know but as you can imagine, it didn’t end well for him.

Mitch got very excited over Shannon Watts talking about how the gunman in Maryland killed himself because somehow that’s some sort of gotcha? And then the dirty jab about her attacking the Parkland students?


Here we go.



Yeah, that didn’t happen because she didn’t attack the students.

But nice try, Mitch. Time to walk away now.

And then this old BS from a Mitch fan:

Be well.

That’s a nice way of saying GFYS, right?

Heh, we love Dana.


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