Before you read Ana’s tweet, keep one thing in mind.

She’s a ‘political commentator’ on CNN.

You know, the outlet that held these kids up in the political spotlight at their own Town Hall and all but encouraged them to attack Dana Loesch, Marco Rubio, and the NRA before knowing the facts around the shooting at Stoneman Douglas.

February 22, 2018, to be exact.

The day of CNN’s so-called Town Hall, Ana.

Nobody even knew these kids’ names until that point.

And c’mon, you’d think if it means that much to her she’d take the time to make sure she was tweeting to the right David Hogg.

Guess we should just be glad she included Kyle Kashuv since he’s otherwise been blatantly left out.


To be fair, some people are attacking them on a personal level, but if they’re being challenged on their ideas and opinions that’s not an attack.

That’s a debate.

One CNN put them right smack dab in the middle of.


If Ana really wants to stop these ‘attacks’ on the Parkland activists she really needs to take a look at the media and at herself first.

The same people who went out of their way to use these kids to push their narrative and agenda.

Just sayin’.


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