What can we say, California? You elect some seriously dense people.

Like Adam Schiff …

John Bolton has worked as a diplomat for several administrations, and Schiff would know that if he bothered to just you know, Google it. That has been this editor’s biggest complaint about the ‘schiffstorm’ we’re seeing on the Left with Bolton’s appointment. Not to mention that we have yet to see any proof that Russia hacked the DNC; notice how Schiffhead doesn’t mention the DNC cheating Bernie out of the nomination.

Just FYI, we could make ‘Schiff’ jokes like this all day, it’s a gift. Or maybe it’s a curse.

Seems Schiff isn’t making too many friends on this thread.

Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Lieu … and Adam Schiff.

Wow, California.

It’s the Democrat way.


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