Chelsea Clinton herself found out what it’s like to deal with someone who has Trump Derangement Syndrome so badly they personally attacked HER for asking people to leave Trump’s grandkids alone after news broke about Jr. and his wife divorcing.

We give Chelsea a hard time but this was an absolutely horrible thing to say to her simply because she asked people to leave some kids alone:

Zack’s bio says he’s a ‘comedian,’ but true story, we aren’t seeing it.

When will these people figure out there will never be a funny Hitler reference?

Wow, that was quick.

And yup, you are pretty damn sorry, Zack.

We’ll still drag him a little. *it’s what we do*

What zhe said (gotta be careful with pronouns on a Chelsea Clinton thread, just sayin’).


Fair point.

How long ya’ got?

Tough crowd, Zack.

And as referenced above, Chelsea did accept his apology:

Personally, we think she should have at least let him sweat it out a little while before accepting his frankly WEAK apology (so perhaps he’ll think twice in the future making a Hitler reference) but in this instance, she was definitely the adult.

Zack, just walk away man.


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