If you want to truly see a bunch of adults acting like cranky toddlers throwing tantrums and literally frothing at the mouth you need look no further than to the Left and their reaction to the news Sessions fired McCabe.

Talk about a bunch of people losing their damn minds.

But then again, this seems to be a constant for our ‘friends’ on the Left …

And then Trump’s secret group of NINJA SQUIRRELS will break into the Pentagon and steal all of their nuts!

That sounds almost as sane as what Max Boot tweeted.


Even Brit Hume thought it was whacked.

Brit is a little tall to be Napoleon, just sayin’.


Max responded:


Yeah, sorry David.


And poor McCabe, he seems to think he’s being singled out.


But Truuuuuuump.

We’re still shocked.

Responsibility and government?

Crazy talk.


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