Ben Ben Ben.

When will you Obama-boys figure out the last thing you should complain about is Russia? Wait. Maybe that should say the last thing they should complain about is the IRS … no, wait. Benghazi? Ok, so there are a lot of issues and topics Obama lackeys should avoid, but the incessant yammering about Russia is also getting super old.

Like this:

You’re onto Trump, Ben. He’s a YUGE Putin puppet and doesn’t want to cross his master by calling out the attack on British soil. YOU GOT HIM. Way to go.

Honestly, one has to wonder if Ben even reads his own tweets … does this seem insane to anyone else?

Besides, we thought Russia wasn’t a problem? Obama said so.



Romney tried to warn these yahoos.

And he just keeps coming back for more.

Oh, and in case Ben forgot …



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