Wanna know how you can cause a whole lot of Lefties to absolutely lose their damn minds and screech at you endlessly for days and days? Well, besides actually tweeting that you voted for Trump (and/or believe that life begins at conception), all you have to do is tweet something honest about Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters or Elizabeth Warren.

And just LIKE THAT, the stupid swoops in to defend their ladies fair, even though the rest of us all know they’re really just a trifecta of terrible twits.

Our favorite parody account has it figured out, and just like a bunch of dense, open-mouthed bass, the unhinged Left took his bait, hook, line, and sinker. Again.

But first, he was busy this morning tweeting about Tillerson …

See for yourself:

You know, if you have to explain it to these people …

Awww, who knew Spicier had such a lovey singing voice?

We see what he did here.

And here we go with the Maxine Waters ‘hot takes’:

Because nothing wins elections like tying race to intelligence. WAY TO GO, DEMS!

She read his entire feed and didn’t make the connection that he’s A) a parody and B) making fun of basically everyone?

Alrighty then.

Actually isn’t her telling Spicier, Trump and Sarah to take an IQ test racist?

Is that how it works?

One has to wonder how absolutely stupid these people feel when they realize they just ‘burned’ a parody, and that tens of thousands of people are going to laugh at them for it? Especially when they’re defending Hillary Clinton?


Would DNA prove if someone was Satan?



Oh, the irony of someone who couldn’t figure out that this was a parody calling the parody stupid.

And to think, this website is still free.


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