We really hate to use the word ‘triggered,’ because it has truly become the go-to for SO many when discussing how people of the Leftist persuasion react to Donald Trump in general. So we broke out the ol’ Thesaurus to come up with a new way to say these folks lost their shiznit.

Prompt. Bleh.

Provoke. Meh.

Activate. Yeah, no.

Perhaps we should just stick with ‘triggered’ at this point because WOW, Kasie Hunt from MSNBC got awfully irritated with Anthony Scaramucci when he said, ‘fake news.’


What we find sorta hilarious is that she shared this like it was a good thing.

We just sorta giggled that she would get so upset over Scaramucci using two words. C’mon, it’s Anthony Scaramucci. Hello?

Makes her look a little insecure and defensive in our humble opinion.

Comes across that way.

It reminds us a little of Frankenstein’s monster.

She had to know this is how the thread would go.



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