A couple days back, a young woman in Roanoke, VA. claimed she had been fired from her job with Social Services for having a license to carry concealed. We can neither confirm nor deny her story as we believe some details are still coming out and until journalists can adequately investigate the story there is no way to know for sure.

Seems this nobody blue-check with a podcast thinks reporters asking the woman to clarify and for more information makes them fascists.

Yeah, it’s stupid.

Dude, Twitter verified this guy.


Which publications is he talking about? Fascist-enabling? None of the people asking her about her story work for CNN, Salon or The Daily Kos.


*see what we did there?*

One of the reporters ‘Nate’ did call a fascist was Free Beacon writer, Stephen Gutowski.

Delusional is a nice way of saying the guy is denser than a 10-pound bag of flour at the bottom of the ocean.

Twitter is perhaps the craziest place ever.

Awww, such a nice note.

Who knew?

We see a LOT of it these days, and Twitter just keeps on verifying it.

This ain’t rocket science, Nate.


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