Alyssa Milano will have to forgive us if we can’t take her all that seriously when she cries about protecting the children when just a month or so back she was fighting to make sure babies could be aborted up to their due date.

Because you know, she cares so much.

Actually, this is not true. Granted, the third leading cause of deaths among children is homicide but the CDC listing says nothing specific about guns.

That and let’s not forget that the stats include all ‘children’ up until 18, which would include GANG MEMBERS but hey, drama sells, right Alyssa?

She also leaves off the fact that car accidents are at number one; hey Alyssa, when do you give up your car so you can SAVE THE CHILDREN?

Funny, we don’t see any tweets on her timeline advocating for stricter laws around texting and driving.

How bizarre.

*eye roll*

Seem we’ve established this, ha!

What she said.

That no gun-control harpies are really talking about the actual issues behind gun violence and looking for real solutions is so very telling.

If we’re reading her timeline correctly, she seems to think so, yes.


Don’t hold your breath.


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