As Twitchy readers know, WaPo journo Ruth Marcus wrote what some called a ‘courageous’ piece about how mothers deserve the ‘right’ to abort an unborn child who might have Down syndrome. Ugh, even writing that out literally disgusts this editor.

Who thinks like that?!

Wait, don’t answer that.

It appears pro-aborts want the ability to make sure children are ‘normal,’ although let’s be honest, normal is highly subjective these days. What’s to stop them from pushing for abortion based on sex? Hair color?

And Brit Hume with the HUME-BOOM.

He’s right.


And yet they keep insisting the Right is the group with blood on their hands for defending the Second Amendment.

Project much, proggies?


A disability does not define who a person is; disability is a normal, natural part of the human condition and in no way makes their lives less important.

And anyone who says otherwise is not only wrong but grossly evil. #SorryNotSorry

Hey, at least they’re starting to admit they’re pro-abortion because of convenience, instead of pretending they’re trying to protect sick mothers from dying giving birth.

Which we’ve known all along but still.

Consider it done, she’s selfish.


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