Montel, dude, just stop.

Over the weekend, Montel Williams took it upon himself to make some fairly disparaging and even misogynistic comments about Dana Loesch, going so far as to call her a spokesmodel. He attempted to objectify and dehumanize her to make his point, which he was called out for, a lot.

So much, in fact, that Montel put out ANOTHER thread on why he wrote what he did and you can guess how well this worked out for him.

First thing out of the gate, he’s attacking Dana, again.

But don’t worry, his ‘issue’ with her isn’t based on her sex; surely he calls men spokesmodels as well, right?

Tea party, wackadoo faux conservatism … that is RICH coming from a guy who sells payday loans to people who really can’t afford them.

But sure, Dana’s the problem.

Keep digging, Montel.

Dude, you’re the plant.

Who appointed Montel the keeper of all conservatism?

Oh, that’s right, NOBODY.

In other words, ‘Pay attention to meeeeeeee, not her!’

Sad. So sad.

He’s probably just angry they aren’t interested in hiring him.


Maybe he just needs to eat a Snickers bar.


Montel Williams attacks Dana Loesch as a ‘spokesmodel’ in a ‘cocktail dress’