Last week we told you about a young lady who had tattooed Trump’s name (with an oddly placed f-bomb) on the inside of her lower lip because apparently, her activism against the president was SO IMPORTANT that she wanted his name on her body permanently.

Yeah, it wasn’t bright.

And speaking of things that aren’t bright, actress Emma Watson debuted her latest tattoo at last night’s Oscars:

From Skynews:

Emma Watson has shown a permanent commitment to the Time’s Up movement as she debuted a tattoo with the words at the Oscars.

But people were quick to notice that the actress and UN ambassador was missing a vital punctuation mark from the inking – an apostrophe.

Instead of reading “Time’s Up”, Ms. Watson’s tattoo says “Times Up”.

Wow, talk about being so woke that you fell asleep while someone was tattooing your arm.

That is WOKE.

Especially when they have glaring errors in them.

That was our general feeling about the Oscars last night.

Let’s just hope this isn’t an actual, permanent tattoo or if it is, that they can add an apostrophe at some point.

In the meantime, OMG LOL.


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