You know what will really show Donald Trump you mean business as a member of the Resistance? Paying someone to tattoo his name on your lower lip … and the Left thinks this is the generation we should look to in leading the way on policy for this country?

Yeah, no.

For everyone who said she wouldn’t do it, you should have told her NOT to do it.

Sure, a tattoo located on the inside of your mouth should fade over the years but still … wow.

It’s like Trump is LITERALLY living rent-free in her head. In fact, since she likely paid for the tattoo she’s paying FOR him to live there.

But resist and stuff.



Awww youth.

Fair. If your hatred of a politician is so intense that it inspires a really bad tattoo it MIGHT be time to put the Twitter down and do something else for a bit.

But yeah, she sure showed Trump.


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