Oh look, Sally Kohn quoted Jimmy Kimmel pretending Hollywood doesn’t care about making movies for money. Although to be fair, with the way their ticket sales are going (down, down, down), Kimmel may have accidentally been onto something here.

Except for the fact that he was trying to make a dig at Mike Pence who has for whatever reason become Hollywood’s go-to when they want to make a lame gay joke.

We’d honestly be shocked if Pence even knew what the movie was about but OK JIMMY.

Zingity zing zing!

One of the most outspoken gay Conservatives in social media, Chad Felix Greene, took issue not only with Sally Kohn sharing Jimmy’s joke but with the movie ‘Call Me By Your Name’ as well. Greene has been voicing concerns about this movie as a gay man for several months …

But Pence! Gays! Hollywood!

Wait, did Sally really just bring up guns to justify teenage sexual abuse?

Because wow.

And yes, yes she was.

What that is, we’re not ENTIRELY sure though.

Best not to assume.


Their egos and ideas of self-importance are destroying their own industry.

Way to go, Hollywood!


And the award for best #Oscars tweet goes to … Greg Gutfeld’s TAKEDOWN of Hollywood is GOLD