Would appear Chrissy Teigen has taken issue with Donald Trump supporters … then again, they could just be people who disagree with her politically and she has deemed them as such but you know the drill.

Only BAD PEOPLE think differently from her and therefore those same people should be objectified, dehumanized and attacked.

BOOM went the dynamite.

Seriously, if you’re going to try and paint a group of people as illiterate and stupid DON’T make simple and silly grammatical errors in the tweet when you do it. This is like Twitter 101 and not a difficult concept to master.

In the meantime, go ahead Hollywood, talk down to flyover country, MAGA, and Republicans, it worked out so well for you in 2016.


Capital letters would go a long, long way.

Just sayin’.

She knows that, it’s her way of being disrespectful to people who believe in God; many Leftists do that because they know it bothers those on the Right.

Block, block, block.


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