Chelsea Handler must think late-night rage tweeting at Republicans is somehow the way you win elections because wow, it’s about all she does. Seriously, at this point, we’re not sure whose timeline is nuttier, hers or Ron Perlman’s (who still thinks Twitchy is Russian-funded). Chelsea really outdid herself this time:

Child murder.


And child molesters? Hello Chelsea, you’re in Hollywood.

Not to mention she spelled it wrong but we digress.

She really seems to have lost it.

But that doesn’t count! Magical party shift and stuff! Waaaah.

Silly, she hates you too. That’s all she knows how to do, hate.


Plus she’s all but implying that there are no Republican women, which we know is completely untrue.

For Chelsea it really is just about, ‘us versus them.’

Truth hurts.


Put ’em UP! Ron Perlman picks a fight with Twitchy because he’s convinced we’re Russian Bots (no, seriously)

TFW CNN is indistinguishable from Alyssa Milano’s anti-NRA cheerleading