For months (years?), Brian Stelter has been accusing the president of being ‘unbalanced’ by ‘innocently’ asking over and over again … if the president is unbalanced. It’s a very passive-aggressive way for him to put seeds of doubt in his audience’s mind about whether or not Trump is mentally sound enough to be the president without actually having to say it.

Pretty weak, right?

Meh, he works for CNN, what’cha gonna do?

Mark Levin seems to have noticed the pattern as well and used Stelter’s own sideways reporting against him:

That there is some ninja-level-trolling by Levin …

From Conservative Review:

Last week, in one of my daily emails on bias in the media, I exposed yet another untruth from CNN media critic/cheerleader Brian Stelter. He claimed he hadn’t repeatedly called the mental health of President Donald Trump into question.

Spoiler alert: He did.

Brian, of course, insisted he DID NOT … but well:

He did.

And he has been, for months (and maybe years).

So is Levin right? Is Brian ‘unbalanced’? *see what we did there?*


Well, that’s no fun.


The ‘dude is crazy’ angle is far more entertaining …

‘Nuff said.


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