You know the sound played when an adult speaks in the Charlie Brown world? Sounds like a bullfrog with laryngitis swallowed a trombone? That’s EXACTLY what we hear every time some Lefty makes a video of themselves complaining about the NRA, knowing damn well they don’t plan on really doing anything to fix the problem other than blaming the NRA and insisting Republicans have blood on their hands all while enjoying the sound of their own voices.

Like this BS from Gavin Newsom:

Does Gavin realize what’s happening to kids every day in California?


Morons in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Especially glass houses in California.

Ben wasn’t the only one less than impressed with Gavin’s self-serving video:

See? We told you! Sounds just like adults in the Charlie Brown ‘world.’

Yeah, that’ll happen.

Oooh, we can too!

Guess so.


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