It never fails. Anytime there is a tragedy involving a gun, the Left is front and center blaming the NRA.

This ridiculous talking point makes it nearly impossible to actually discuss any real solutions to prevent such tragedies in the future, so people scream at each other for a couple of weeks and then something else will get their attention (Trump this or that) and the issue goes unsolved.

And then these same people say legal gun owners don’t care about deaths caused by firearms and pretend they have the moral high ground for calling for an end to the NRA.

Like this nonsense from Jimmy Kimmel writer, Bess Kalb. You remember Bess, yes? She’s the one who attacked a third-grade teacher for asking people to help him with a project for his class.

The NRA, which was originally founded after the Civil War to train people to protect themselves, is racist and greedy. Because only white rich people have guns?

You know, there is another organization that was founded on racism and is really super greedy that takes millions of our tax dollars every year … it’s right on the tip of our tongue:

OH YEAH, that one.

Them too.

That. ^


If the Left didn’t have lies they wouldn’t have anything.


Delete your account: Jimmy Kimmel writer cries SEXISM after being called out for attacking a 3rd-grade teacher

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