It all started with a third-grade teacher from Kansas named C.J. Marple who was trying to teach his class about the power of Twitter by conducting an experiment of sorts on the social media giant.

Pretty innocent and simple enough, just looking for people to retweet his tweet and comment where the person is reading the tweet from so he could share the results with his students at the end of this week.

But Jimmy Kimmel writer Bess Kalb was having none of that! (This is where we usually share the tweet in question however Bess deleted it. Luckily screenshots are forever):

Yeah, wow, she showed THAT teacher.

Seriously, who does that?

Wait, she writes for Kimmel … never mind.

It’s what coastal elites do.

Love and light, that’s adorable.

The teacher had fewer than 1000 followers. Yup.

Maybe Kalb just has an issue with teachers in general?

She claims this sort of interaction with Stephen Gutowski and with Charles C. W. Cooke is ‘backlash from Conservative men.’

Not really seeing a ton of backlash but Kalb was asking people to move on with their nights, even though she started this nonsense.

But it wasn’t only men who took issue with her tweet.

But Kalb made it personal with that teacher, which is just so bizarre.

Then after ALL of this, Kalb went into some strange mini-rant on … well, we’re not entirely sure what but it felt like she was trying to validate her reasoning for attacking a teacher in Kansas.


Oh brother.

And yet that doesn’t change the fact she attacked a person trying to show third graders how social media works.

Check, please.


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