It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that since Jimmy Kimmel is a politically ignorant blowhard, his writers are, too. Take Bess Kalb, for instance, who decided to educate her followers with a clarification about the Second Amendment:

Stupid tweet, right? But if you’re gonna call her out on it, you’d better not be a guy:

Pssst! Beth! When a guy points out that you’re saying something dumb, it’s not sexist. It’s pointing out that you’re saying something dumb. Because you’re, you know, saying something dumb.

We managed to find plenty of people — men and women — who would also like to point out that you’re saying something dumb.

And what about this amendment?

Excellent point.


If Bess doesn’t want to be on the receiving end of a “mansplanation” next time, here’s something she could try:

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Bess was so confident in the rightness of her clarification that she deleted it. Is there a man out there who can explain to her that the internet never forgets? The internet won’t forget this, either:

It’s a beautiful thing.