People who troll S.E. Cupp remind us a little of those who troll Mary Katharine Ham; it never ends well for the troll. Both ladies are Conservative, and yet very mild-mannered and neither of them has to get nasty to win a debate, which makes said troll look even sadder.

Take for example this debate about banning ‘assault weapons.’

It all started here:

Which totally triggered (ha!) gun control harpies, one of whom tried to accuse Cupp of taking money for supporting the NRA.


And then another one got triggered:



That left a mark.

It’s like they’re making this too easy.

Double damn.

Just sayin’.

And after all that nonsense last night, this morning CNN had an analyst on talking about pushing an ‘assault weapons ban’ …


That’s what we call a ‘turkey’ in Twitchy-dom.

Ok, not really, but it sounded good and sorta funny.


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