If your solution to stopping gun violence is BAN ALL THE GUNS, either you have a seriously false sense of power or are incapable of looking at reality and understanding what it would look like to attempt and disarm every gun-owner in America.

That being said, plenty of folks on the Left pretend this is the only way to combat this issue, and Kennedy completely took them apart in this spot:

Bans don’t work.

How’s that whole cocaine thing working out? Meth?


No one is saying we don’t have a problem but pretending the answer is BANNING ALL THINGS THAT GO PEW PEW PEW is just dumb.

Oh boy.

Hey, at least he’s honest.

And what the WHAT?!

Good luck with that, Doc.

PS, he deleted this.

Didn’t you know? Unicorns drop from the sky, sprinkle happy fairy dust on all the homes across the country and the evil guns just magically disappear.

They keep forgetting that, don’t they.

Notice how quickly these folks run away when you say, ‘Ok, how are you gonna do it, genius?’

It’s not a real solution and they know it.


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