Igor Volsky’s Twitter feed reminds us of a bitter ex-girlfriend who thinks her old boyfriend should care what she’s tweeting. Seriously, it’s like all he knows how to do is slime people and lie about them because that’s what most gun-grabbers do.

Like this accusation he made against Dana Loesch:

They will defeat us … HA HA HA.

Sorry, but that always makes us laugh, a gun-grabber pretending they’re the ones who have any authority over legal gun-owners.

Not to mention Dana was NOT pushing that message last night after the shooting, and if Igor had bothered to actually look at her feed he’d know that.

But Trump! But Dana! But the NRA!

Guess what, he never did.

Because he’s full of shiznit.

Dana spent most of the evening being attacked and having her children attacked, but again, Igor isn’t all that concerned with facts and reality.

And we stand with her as well.



DESPICABLE: Author leads VICIOUS hate mob against Dana Loesch following Fla. shooting