Let’s hear it for the clapping EMOJI! It makes tweets so much more MEANINGFUL when grown men and women use an emoji between words to try and make a point.

Especially when the point is as stupid as this one:

Before you can vote, you have to pass a background check and get a license?

Who knew?

And NO, if we treated voting like we treat the purchase of a gun these same people would never shut up.

Wait, they don’t anyway … but you get our drift.

Emoji are so POWERFUL.


It’s so easy!

Sorry, you didn’t use any emoji so your point just isn’t valid.

How dare you question his emoji!?

At the corner of ‘Never Happened’ and ‘He’s Full Of Crap.’

Oooh, diversity in the clapping hands.

Dear WordPress,

Please make it where we can use the handclapping emoji in our headlines.

That would be EPIC.

Thanks and kiss kiss,



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