Yesterday, for whatever reason, Michael Ian Black decided to pipe up and blame men for America’s so-called ‘gun problem.’ Because that lame argument was SUPER HELPFUL after a horrible tragedy where 17 innocent people lost their lives.

Let’s not blame the actual gunman.

No, let’s blame MEN (oh, and the NRA).

Maybe Michael missed it, but there was a certain man who stood out in all of this horribleness, a real hero.


Michelle is right if Michael feels like he’s broken maybe he should spend a little time FIXING himself.

He responded:

Let’s not talk about the guy who saved a bunch of people, no no, let’s focus on the killer because otherwise, Michael’s ignorant argument falls apart.


Far too many people are wrapped up in ridiculous identity politics and are losing focus on what is important. Too many men are being told they shouldn’t be men, and that’s a huge problem.

Fair point though, Michael isn’t exactly a bastion of masculinity.


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