Even though the FBI and the school totally dropped the ball on the Florida gunman, especially knowing how many times deputies went to his home, how school policy kept issues from being reported and how the FBI KNEW FOR NEARLY TWO MONTHS that Kruz was a risk and did nothing … Chelsea Handler wants the NRA DO SOMETHING.

Maybe Chelsea needs to be more concerned with common sense Vodka control?

Just sayin’.

Chelsea’s tweet is a good reminder of why you keep your big mouth shut until you know all of the facts. Not that knowing what happened with the FBI would have kept her from griping at the NRA, but she’d look a little less stupid.

Then again, maybe she wouldn’t.

She’s SO BAD at this.

Not a bad idea at all!

Silly, Chelsea isn’t interested in truth.

Just blame the NRA.

Way easier than actually looking at how and why the system failed. Plus, if she’s not raging about Trump or accusing Republicans of having blood on their hands, what else does she have to talk about?


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