Isn’t it adorable when one traditional media outlet smooches the backside of another? Like this puff piece The Hill wrote about Chris Cuomo being all big and bad by naming the GOP lawmakers who didn’t want to come on CNN after the shooting.

Because who doesn’t want to sit on a show with a guy shaming them for a mass shooting they had nothing to do with?

So tough.

He’s so tough, in fact, that he was bragging about how he called these GOP lawmakers out by name on Twitter, but he failed to tag them, which makes his tweet about Cruz a subtweet. Which also makes Cuomo a coward when he’s not just preaching to his choir.

Notice he’s asking Cruz these things without actually tagging him.

Seems Cruz saw his tweet anyway:


It’s not really about saving kids, if it was they’d defund Planned Parenthood. Nope, it’s about having some issue to run on in the fall because they know otherwise their platform is a big ol’ stinker. Sure, run on the fact you voted against tax cuts that are putting millions of dollars back into the pockets of Americans.

See how that works out for you.

They NEED this gun issue.

CNN can’t tell an apple from a banana.


Unless your name is Hillary Clinton.


Beclowning in progress! Ted Cruz takes ownership of ANOTHER media outlet after CNN picked the WRONG fight